Twins Found in a Box, Adapting to Adoption by Janine Vance

Twins Found In A Box: Adapting to Adoption by Janine Vance, Story of the Vance Twins
Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption takes readers on a journey through the ’70s to the ’90s while Janine and her twin come of age after their adoptive father’s traumatic brain injury prompted by his tragic 100-foot fall while hang gliding.

Filled with social and cultural commentaries, the book explores the conflict of recovering from a family accident while trying to figure out who to “honor and obey” when parents disagree and their marriage begin to crumble. Janine’s candid writing style creates clear images of her upbringing as a twin by religious adoptive parents. The book also sheds light on adoption concerns and its impact on adoptees of color. As adults, the twins discover secrets about their family and must come to terms with their past. Despite these challenges, they continue to support each other and find happiness in their own ways. It’s an emotive and eye-opening account, offering unique insights into the struggle to juggle childhood while navigating the complexities of identity, religion, and spirituality. It is a testament to the strength and wisdom of the human will to rely on each other for encouragement and upliftment.

The reviews for Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption from Readers’ Favorite:

I was pulled in from the very first page of the book…

“There are powerful revelations on international adoption, and readers get insight into the policies and philosophies adopted by the agencies, especially that of keeping information sealed from the adoptees, “because if we don’t know, we won’t look.” The consequences are brilliantly explored in this spellbinding book. … The writing is gorgeous, and the author’s gift for storytelling and the ability to capture intense emotional moments give the book a unique flavor. Twins Found in a Box is a memoir that reads like expertly crafted fiction, and Janine Vance writes in a voice that is both clear and compelling. It is a memorable story.” ~Romuald Dzemo

Janine writes about her years and earliest memories as twin sisters growing up in an American family…

“…they find out in their adult years that they are green card holders, their quest to understand their lineage and birth nationality, memories about their parents including some personal experiences with their mother, and just what it was like growing up and being a teenager in the 1980s with the ups and downs, among other things. This book shines a spotlight on some concerns regarding international adoption, or even domestic adoption, for that matter, which raises questions about the rules regarding extreme anonymity of the process and the challenges this can pose for both birth parents as well as children down the road. Janine’s writing style is fast-paced and candid. This is an educational book and especially relevant to anyone interested in adoption matters specifically.” ~Gisela Dixon

Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption

This was a very intimate account of the adoption experience, giving insight into the deep issues surrounding the adoption itself.

 Twins Found in a Box is a fascinating narrative providing a unique glimpse into the world of overseas adoption and the incredible impact it has on the personal lives of those involved. Janine Vance writes eloquently about her adoption experience and spiritual journey. I was moved by her strength of character and the way the twins lovingly cared for their father. She has opened my eyes to the hidden world of adoption, including the long-term ramifications for birth families of losing children to overseas adoptions. This emotive story has motivated me to read further on the subject. I hope it will do the same for others.” ~Amanda Rofe



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Vance Twins Rise From The Dread Submission Form

Vance Twins Rise From The Dread Submission Form