Exclusive BBC Interview: Author Janine Vance Talks Candidly

Author Janine (Vance Twins) interviewed by BBC May 2022

Author Janine (Vance Twins) Talks Honestly to BBC About The Challenges of International Adoption BBC Sounds host Beatriz de la Pava talks to two women born in Colombia and South Korea about trying to fit in and discovering more about their roots: “What’s it like being adopted into a country far away from your birth and into a family that … Read More

About the Vance Twins

Northwest Afternoon Show with Vance Twins and Elisa Jaffe

In 1984, when the Vance twins were 12 years old… their father survived a traumatic brain injury from a 100-foot fall while hang-gliding, which resulted in a permanent disability and impacted his fine and gross motor control skills.  He was forced to retire early from a 32-year career in aerospace and underwent months of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. During … Read More