BBC Sounds The Conversation: Interview with Author Janine (Vance Twins)

BBC Sounds: The Coversation: Why was I adopted? Women Looking for Birth Stories. Interview with Janine Vance and Yennifer Villa

The Conversation Why was I adopted? Women looking for birth stories. Released On: 02 May 2022 Available for over a year What’s it like being adopted into a country far away from your birth and into a family that looks very different to you? International and transracial adoptions both come with challenges for children and parents. Beatriz de la Pava talks … Read More

The Vance Twins with Kathryn Joyce

Author Kathryn Joyce with the Vance Twins

Author Kathryn Joyce of The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel, entangled in the conservative Christian agenda, visits the Vance Twins in Tacoma and discusses the trafficking and rehoming crisis within International Adoption. The Vance Twins and Kathryn Joyce also met up with Peter Dodds, one of the 10,000 German children adopted during the Cold War and the … Read More

The Vance Twins with Lisa Ling

CNN Journalist Lisa Ling talking with the Vance Twins

A message from an Award-winning journalist and executive producer of a new CNN Original Series, Take Out with Lisa Ling, shares how you can take action in the fight against sex trafficking. The Vance twins share with Lisa Ling about Adoption Trafficking. Lisa Ling provides a message to viewers about taking action against underage sex trafficking. What You Can Do … Read More

Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium

Symposium Team fun Photo

“I recently attended the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium organized by Jenette and Janine and I thought it was very powerful to hear the different stories, experiences, and perspectives from adoptees (transracial and domestic) as well as birth parents. I think bringing together everyone who is affected by the adoption process was eye-opening and a testament to coming together as a … Read More