TwinFest 2023: A Celestial Celebration with NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

NASA Astronaut, Scott Kelly with the Vance Twins at the Washington State Twin Registry TwinFest 2023

Unraveling the Secrets of Space Adaptation with the Vance Twins and the NASA Twin Study

TwinFest 2023, a one-of-a-kind gathering celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of twins, witnessed an extraordinary meeting between the Vance Twins and the legendary NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly. This event was nothing short of thrilling as the twins had the opportunity to interact with the spaceman and delve into the fascinating findings of NASA’s groundbreaking Twin Study. The excitement reached its zenith when Scott Kelly autographed the Vance Twins’ photos and his inspiring children’s books, making the event truly unforgettable.

The Enchanting Encounter:

As the Vance Twins, Jenette and Janine, stood in line to meet the iconic astronaut, the atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation. Finally, their turn came, and they found themselves face-to-face with Scott Kelly. Excitement surged through their veins as they exchanged warm greetings, and the twins couldn’t believe they were meeting a real-life space explorer.

The Adoption Revelation:

During their conversation, Scott playfully inquired about the birth order of the twins. To his surprise, Jenette muttered, “I don’t know…we were adopted.” Scott, known for his composed demeanor, replied with genuine interest, “Interesting.” The revelation left him a bit speechless, but it only served to strengthen the twin bond between them, showcasing the diversity of life experiences that TwinFest was all about.

NASA’s Fascinating Twin Study:

As discussions deepened, Scott shared intriguing details about his personal life, how he became an astronaut, his unique experience in space, and NASA’s unprecedented Twin Study. Scott’s twin brother, Mark Kelly, who serves as the Senator for Arizona, became the control subject on Earth while Scott himself took the experimental journey into space. He spent almost a year on the International Space Station while scientists on Earth closely monitored the changes in both twins’ bodies.

Vance Twins at the Washington State Twin Registry TwinFest 2023

Vance Twins at the Washington State Twin Registry TwinFest 2023

The study yielded groundbreaking data on how the human body adapts to the harsh conditions of space, providing invaluable insights into the challenges of long-duration space travel and the potential for human colonization of other celestial bodies. It sheds light on the impact of space conditions on the human body, from genetic alterations to physiological changes, ultimately influencing future space missions and our understanding of human biology. (NASA’s only Twin Study results of Scott Kelly are included below).

Twin Fun and Bonding:

As the Vance Twins explored the TwinFest, they couldn’t help but marvel at the myriad sets of twins gathered at the event. Each pair had its unique stories and experiences, reinforcing the notion that twins, despite their shared genes, are as diverse and distinct as any other individuals. The feeling of being among so many like-minded pairs was surreal and comforting, creating an atmosphere of unity and bonding.

All the sets of twins who attended have participated in a variety of twin studies put on by the Washington State State Registry in diverse ages, even up to 90+ in age. The Vance Twins have participated in Chronic Widespread Pain (CWP) and The Study of Air Pollution in Twins, to name a couple. Twin research is an extremely powerful tool for understanding how genes, behavior, and environment affect health and well-being.

The Jenette’s Victory and Cherished Autographs:
Author Janine Vance getting her book signed by Astronaut Scott Kelly at the TwinFest, 2023

Author Janine Vance getting her book signed by Astronaut Scott Kelly at the TwinFest, 2023

The excitement of TwinFest reached new heights when Jenette emerged victorious in Twingo, a play on Bingo but using twin experiences instead of numbers, adding to the joy of meeting Scott Kelly. To commemorate this unforgettable day, Scott autographed a copy of his children’s book, a heartfelt gesture that touched the Vance Twins’ hearts. The book, filled with space exploration adventures, became an instant favorite among the Vance Twins.

Astronaut Scott Kelly's 2 books. The Children's Book and Biography

Astronaut Scott Kelly’s 2 books. The Children’s Book and Biography

NASA’s Twin Study Results – A Bold Look at Space Adaptation:

NASA’s Twin Study results revealed a multitude of fascinating findings. The changes in Scott’s body during his time in space, compared to Mark’s on Earth, highlighted the importance of understanding how the human body responds to extended space missions. From genetic expression to immune system behavior and gut microbiota alterations, the data gave researchers valuable clues for designing better countermeasures and healthcare strategies for future astronauts embarking on interplanetary voyages.

TwinFest 2023 was an unforgettable event that brought together the Vance Twins and NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly in a celestial celebration of diversity and exploration. The encounter with Scott and the insights from NASA’s Twin Study opened new horizons for the twins, leaving them inspired and enlightened. As they left the festival with autographed books, cherished memories, and a sense of wonder for the cosmos, the Vance Twins knew that they were part of a truly exceptional experience that would forever stay etched in their hearts.