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The journey begins with Janine’s first memory and continues through a maze of uncertainty, turmoil, and triumphs. During their childhood, the twins were left with the impression that they had been orphaned as newborns and “found on a street” in 1972, which prompted their adoptions to the United States.
In 1984, the Vance Twins’ adoptive father sustained a permanent brain injury while hang gliding off of Dog Mountain. Before his seventh high altitude flight, he had forgotten to install the glider’s wing bolts and it collapsed in midair resulting in a one hundred foot drop into and through a mountain-side fir tree. As a result, he lost his career as a Boeing Engineer of 30+ years and many possessions including fourteen cars, properties, and the 4000 square foot family home he had built with his own two hands.

Starting at the age of twelve and upon entering junior high, the twins physically cared for their father, assisting him through physical, occupational, and speech therapy and nursing duties. The daily care they gave went on through high school surpassing their young adult lives. To read about their journey, click here.

The care given to the twins adoptive father has long surpassed high school and college years. The twins could not tolerate seeing him live in a nursing home, therefore Janine (and her loving husband) invited him to live with them. Janine encouraged her dad to take courses on writing and editing. As of today, Janine has given attentive daily care for more than thirty years. Time has flown by. It is hard for her to believe her daughters are already adults. Initially, the accident was deemed a family tragedy. After seeing all that he has accomplished since his injury, Mr. Vance now says it was “the best thing that could have happened” to him. To learn what helped him survive, click here.
The twins adoptive mother passed away from cancer in 1997. Soon after they discovered immigration cards and learned they were considered “illegal aliens.” When adoption agencies set up the overseas child welfare program, they did not require for their customers to apply for the citizenship of the children they obtained. This came as a shock to the twins and, for decades, many other people adopted who are now adults, including those adopted as early as the 1950s, are still stateless. If you would like to help reunite native families, the twins invite you to give a “Gift of Hope” for adopted people still searching for their families.

At the age of twenty-five, Janine wrote a coming-of-age (and identity) book based on her childhood. An updated version of this family’s story is  available on Amazon.

Soon after the twins’ adoptive mother passed away from cancer in 1997, they learned that they were not United States’ citizens. Janine shares discoveries from their first trip to their birthplace Seoul, South Korea, in a second book based on true events called, The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption. In this tale, they find a community of Korean-born adoptees, and more importantly, unlike the adoption agencies and staff, she listened to their experiences and sided with adopted people when it came to addressing abuse within the child market. But most shockingly, she learned that families (of adoption loss) exist but have been ousted from public awareness.
As a consequence, the Vance Twins volunteered years of time collecting, editing, promoting, and publishing the narratives of adopted people. Their adoptive father helped with the editing process and their adult children have helped with the polishing up of the books, which includes the formatting, cover design, and proofing. Their anthologies Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists and The “Unknown” Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now have ranked as international bestsellers on Amazon.

In the endeavor to protect local and global families from the crisis of adoption trafficking through education and support, the Vance Twins have donated much of their time and book profits to lay the foundation for Against Child Trafficking USA. They advocate for the investigative work of Against Child Trafficking based in Brussels Belgium.

After all is said and done, Janine has always loved true stories. She has fond memories of loitering in the aisles of grocery stores and peeking into the pages of the titillating “True Confessions” and “True Story” magazines while only a teenager. She believes that every single person has lived through at least one astounding experience. She hopes to encourage humanity to write life down on paper and leave a legacy for family, friends and future generations.
Need help to decide what kind of book you should write? Janine has written several genres and can assist you to find your niche so you can start and finish in record time. She loves bookmaking and has almost 20 years experience in the field. She is an independent soul with broad knowledge on the entire process. If you are having trouble deciding where to begin, Janine can take a look at your situation and can lend support in organizing your ideas to best suit your goals. She will help you narrow your focus to start on or brush past challenges for the completion of your project. If you’re experiencing a little writer’s block (or a lot), no worries. Janine will give you techniques to get you to relax into a state of comfort so you can write from the deepest of places. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to write one sentence at a time. After a while you’ll look back and be amazed and proud of your accomplishment. You’ll be amazed at how quickly sentences turn into paragraphs, pages and chapters. Before you know it, a finished book appears!  Janine believes that all of us are born to influence those close to us in one way or another. (You never know, this other person might be the one who changes the world). Janine can help you leave your legacy.
Janine truly believes you are a unique, diverse, and valuable gift. As someone who was separated from her ancestral family, she sees the vital importance of each and every human being. Janine places an enormous amount of value on the situations in life typically ousted from public awareness. She wishes for all people to have pride in their ancestral roots.

Originally, Janine did not plan to be an author. In fact, writing was the last thing she ever wanted to do! During the entire time she resisted, but eventually persevered because (she suspects) the collective consciousness (or the Sacred Energy Life Force) had other plans. If you have fallen across this website, you are part of this bigger plan. After all, based on the Vance Twins experiences, there are no such thing as accidents. Rather, accidents are unplanned incidents—otherwise known as co-incidents—plans made by the universal collective compelling all of us to revert back to our true nature.

We know that the energy of writing is just as important as the writing itself. This is the reason the twins believe the healing of ancestral roots is vital when it comes to writing one’s own complete story. Their strategies for empowerment are to clear away any sabotaging thoughts, find and organize life’s essential story components and develop the intuition to bring forth meaning belonging to the true S.E.L.F. (Sacred Energy Life Force). Janine’s gifts to you are these “meditations” videos created by her daughter to inspire you to start on your writing journey.

Janine is an ordained Metaphysical Minister since 2002. She also holds a Metaphysical Science Master’s Degree in accordance with the Ministerial Religious Educational status of the International Metaphysical Ministry, Inc.. She has completed first degree training by Reiki Master in the direct lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho. She is a certified Thought Field Therapist since 2004. Her training as a clinical hypnotherapist from the Association for Integrative Psychology will help you focus on achieving your writing goals. She has further training on writing from Stanford University.

Everyone has a story to tell and we are here to coach you through it. Janine has almost twenty years of writing and publishing experience. She condenses what she has learned throughout the years into a shortcut pathway for you. This way, with no trouble at all, you can write and publish quickly and reap the rewards sooner. She can also help you set your book up on Amazon for potential worldwide sales, or keep the book available for family only.

If you find it difficult to concentrate and/or relax, Jenette is available to redirect you with guided visualization and/or Reiki treatments. Email her at Jenette@vancetwins.com

Did you know children are stolen overseas to meet the demand for International Adoption? After seeing the permanent family separations caused by the crisis of adoption trafficking, the twins set up a charity called Against Child Trafficking (ACT USA). Anyone can give a Gift of Hope to victims of child trafficking and families (of loss).

To best protect exploitable and targeted nations, communities, families, and young parents, Janine truly believes that the history of adoption needed to be researched and made accessible to the public. This was the motivation for the (soon to be published) research book Adoption History 101  After learning how children have been obtained for adoption (from unsuspecting parents unaware of their significant value and influence), she dedicated years of research into the intercountry adoption industry, including learning about the practice at the highest and lowest levels. If you would like to give a Gift of Hope to a family of adoption-trafficking loss, please donate below to Against Child Trafficking USA.

Jenette has worked in the healthcare field since 1995. She assists with the recovery of patients after an injury, surgery and/or a disability. She helps clients learn new skills while teaching compensatory strategies so they can reach their maximum functional level and, as a result, live a life of quality. Throughout her career she has worked with thousands of patients to reach their goals. Her experience includes working in a variety of skilled nursing homes, hospitals, mental health & rehabilitation centers, and home health. Her career consists of being an Activity Director, Rehabilitation Manager and a Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapist Assistant with more than twenty years experience. Starting in 1996, she owned and operated an adult family home caring for people with head injuries, the elderly, physical disabilities, and mental illnesses.  Learn about Energy Therapy, here.
In 2007, Jenette noticed energy naturally flows through her hands and she could sense energy from others. She learned that working with this energy is called Reiki. She was then attuned by a practitioner from the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of the spiritual and complementary healing practice. The purpose is to clear away energy blockages. Clients have reported feeling more balanced, relaxed and their quality of life. This treatment is a non-invasive stress relieving method to manage pain, and improve clarity. Jenette personalizes treatments. Client report a decrease in stress and anxiety. She is also attuned to provide distant energy work for clients unable to see her locally. A Reiki treatment is like being enveloped in a “soul massage.”
In 2013, Jenette completed The Association for Integrative Psychology Training and became certified. Integrative Psychology is a branch of study and practice that seeks to unite traditional medicine and psychology with alternative, complementary, and integrative approaches. The aim facilitates wholeness. Along with Reiki treatments, she guides clients through a guided visualization approach. This method reduces stress, and normalizes the action of the autonomic nervous system. The result is success at releasing stuck and sabotaging behaviors, old thought patterns, and bad habits. therefore creating desired results. Jenette does not diagnose disease or mental disorders.  If you would like a Reiki session, email her at jenette@vancetwins.com
As an adopted person, Jenette knows she will most likely never meet her Korean mother. In 2011, she became interested in social justice issues involving human rights and child protection. To correct misunderstandings and adoption assumptions, she co-created a social media group with her twin. Adopted people from all over the world have joined. Jenette particularly appreciates the western mothers (of loss) who participate. Sharing stories motivates her to “keep on going”—and to, as she says, “never stop growing.”

If you are a part of a family of adoption loss you are invited to join them in their FB Adoption Truth group.

If you are interested in alternative or complementary medicine, join them in their FB Sky Sanctuary group.

Reported Reiki Benefits:
*Adapts to needs of recipient
*Helps meditative states
*Promotes personal awareness
*Enhances spiritual connection
*Fosters natural self-healing
*Relaxes and reduces stress
*Balances energies in the body
*Relieves pain and discomfort

For a Reiki session, click here.

If you are interested in writing and publishing your story or if you need Reiki session to decrease stress, the twins invite you to stay in touch with them via jenette@vancetwins.com.

*Distance Reiki treatments are available.

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