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Northwest Asian Weekly Article: Janine Vance searches for the truth about Korean adoptees

Imagine for a minute that you don’t know who your mother is. Now imagine that you are that mother, and you don’t know what became of your daughter.

Imagine the questions that the daughter would live with on a daily basis. Why did my mom give me up? And imagine that mother, possibly plagued by regret and very likely thinking of her lost daughter.

For Janine Vance and her sister, Jenette, these are not imaginings but everyday life. Adopted into the United States from Korea when they were very young, the two women have next to no information about their original family and very little detail about the circumstances of their adoption. In order to answer her own questions and those of other adoptees not only from Korea but around the world, Janine has spent years researching the questionable practices of adoption agencies. She has written books on the topic, and formed a support network for those in similar situations.

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In 1984, when the Vance twins were 12 years old, their father survived a traumatic brain injury from a 100-foot fall while hang-gliding, which resulted in a permanent disability and impacted his fine and gross motor control skills…  Continue to read here.

The Vance Twins

Janine is a book doctor, feature-length screenwriter, and international award-winning author of many books, including Twins Found in a Box, The Search for Mother Missing, and Rise from the Dread. She also consults entrepreneurs on story development and guides clients through the process of publishing their books worldwide.

Jenette, a Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant and Life Coach, was trained in Integrated Psychology and Applied Neuroscience. Jenette became a Reiki Master under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. She enjoys helping people learn about Reiki and develop personalized meditations catered to their needs. 

The Vance twins have each worked in their field of expertise for more than twenty-five years. They recently joined forces to provide personalized guided meditations, Reiki Retreats and to host write-for-your-life mini-sabbaticals for busy entrepreneurs.

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    The Vance Twins

    The Vance Twins Memoir

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    Twins Found in A Box

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