Taoism: The Way of Mother Nature

The videos in the “meditations menu” section above were created by Janine’s younger daughter. The music and images lulled Janine back to reflecting upon her life’s most cherished memories. She eventually realized that they could prompt reflection for others! In need of encouragement? Music has been used to relax and inspire humans since our existence. Janine invites you to use these videos to reflect upon your own life.

why not Try Meditation?

Find a comfortable spot to relax and imagine you already know what needs to be written. New ideas sometimes emerge when you least expect.

make time for yourself

  • Remove yourself from toxic environments
  • Write when your mind is refreshed
  • Set up a writing space


You don’t have to be perfect

In fact, you’re not supposed to be. (Remember, no one is!) Later on you might reread your notes and find useful ideas.

You matter

  • Appreciate yourself
  • Be proud of your accomplishments
  • Don’t judge yourself or your writing

Try freewriting…

Freewriting or autowriting has been Janine’s tool for answering her own questions. She loves to use her instincts to guide her. You can too! After you write down questions, change gears and give yourself advise from an all knowing perspective. This might take you to unexpected places–places your soul wants you to investigate.

make time for yourself

  • Turn off any distractions
  • Use a pen and a pad of paper
  • Cursive helps the words to flow

Write only for yourself.

If you think you’re going to write that international bestseller, you’ll place a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. Be kind to yourself first and then all else will follow.

set yourself free

  • Don’t care what others think about you
  • Write as if only you will read this version
  • You can always edit your work later
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”Confucius

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