The Vance Twins’ Meeting with Kathryn Joyce

Author Kathryn Joyce with the Vance Twins 2013

Author Kathryn Joyce Shedding Light on Adoption Injustices:

In a heartwarming encounter, the Vance Twins, founders of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network, recently met with Kathryn Joyce, renowned author of “The Child Catchers” and an investigative journalist. The meeting, held at the Vance Twins’ best friend’s restaurant, Indochine, in Tacoma, provided a platform to discuss the challenges faced by intercountry adoptees. This often stigmatized and under-supported community struggles with rehoming, fears of deportation, and prejudice, demanding greater attention from the government and organizations alike.

The Vance Twin’s Insightful Discussions With Kathryn Joyce:

During the luncheon, the Vance Twins engaged in insightful discussions with Kathryn Joyce about adoption trafficking problems and the rehoming crisis within the international adoption system. Janine’s expertise with her research on international adoption around the world found in Adoption History and Kathryn’s investigation journalist and author of “The Child Catchers” made for an insightful discussion shedding light on the intricacies of the adoption industry.

The Struggles of the Ethiopian Adoptee Community:

The Ethiopian adoptee community in Seattle, Washington, has faced numerous challenges over the years. Rehoming and prejudice remain significant concerns for these adopted individuals. The lack of awareness and understanding of their unique backgrounds has led to misconceptions and discrimination. Unfortunately, this “unknown” community, similar to the Korean Adoptee’s “unknown” community, has been overlooked in terms of support from the government, leaving many adoptees without the resources and assistance they need to navigate their identity and heritage.

Peter Dodds and Georgiana Macavei: Voices of Experience

Accompanying the Vance Twins were two colleagues with unique personal adoption experiences. Peter Dodds, one of the 10,000 German children adopted during the Cold War, shared that his purpose in writing Outer Search Inner Journey was to show adversity offers an opportunity for transformation and enlightenment. Georgiana Macavei, adopted from Romania and a supporter of Against Child Trafficking, added her voice to the discussion, providing unique insights into the complexities of adoption.

Allen Vance: A Story of Resilience

Kathryn Joyce’s visit extended to the Vance Twins’ adoptive father, Allen Vance. Despite surviving a 100-foot fall that left him physically disabled in 1984, Allen’s resilience and unwavering positivity were apparent when he greeted Kathryn with his wide grin and trademark response, “I’m Excellent.” His story of overcoming adversity resonated deeply with Kathryn, who went back to school in order to learn to edit so he could help his daughter edit Adptionland: From Orphans to Activists. Before his injury, he was an aerospace engineer and wrote his memoir at 88 years old with the help of his daughter, Janine, who coached and guided him through the process.

A Symbol of Activism

In a heartfelt gesture, the Vance Twins gifted Kathryn with a 7-Aura crystal shaped into a tree, representing their activist group, Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network. This gift symbolized the unity and strength needed to create awareness and bring about positive change within the adoption community.

The meeting between the Vance Twins and Kathryn Joyce was a validation of their efforts to raise awareness about adoption injustices and a step towards fostering greater understanding and support for the Ethiopian adoptee community in Seattle. As they continue their journey to uncover the hidden truths and challenges faced by adoptees, the collaboration between these passionate advocates promises to make a significant impact in the fight for a more compassionate and equitable adoption system.

The Vance Twins

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