Welcome From the Vance Twins!

The Vance Twins are founders of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network, a social media group, which includes all voices to discuss domestic, international, intercultural, and transracial adoption in a public forum for the first time in adoption industry’s more than four-century history.

While Jenette maintains numerous sites and pages including Adoptionland.org, a compilation of the latest in global adoption news, "Adoption", "Adoptionland",  "Adoption Trafficking", and "Vance Twins" on Facebook, and administers the online Activist Adoption Truth forum (off of FB), together the twins offer several educational sites to enlarge the adoption story to be all-inclusive, welcoming families and individuals of adoption-loss-since the industry has ignored the most affected from the discussion. Their Adoptiontruth.org awareness campaign has dispelled many false assumptions about adoption and promoted many grassroots organizations such as Against Child Trafficking to be acknowledged for reunions and tracings of families with children (who have been either separated or even abducted to fill the global demand for babies and young children).

Welcome to the Adoption Truth Community.

Janine has spent the last twenty years researching and writing about the back end of inter-country adoption. She named her 9 book series, The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective. Janine felt urged to push through the writing process and give attention to the hidden parts of the practice to encourage, and uplift separated families to give themselves permission to search for each other and reunite if they so wish. Her work serves as preventive medicine against a lucrative industry. She says for fellow adoptees who have been processed overseas and without their permission. "If we do not fight for ourselves, and other members of our clan, no one else will. It is up to each individual to dig up truth and save ourselves. Because we are connected physically by the World Wide Web, and metaphysically through our experiences, we can do it. We've waited long enough. The agencies refuse to cooperate. Success comes from linking arms with one another and forming a human chain of solidarity."

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