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Join the Vance Twins on an inspiring journey to bring your long-awaited memoir to life. 

The Vance Twins are here to provide unwavering support and guidance, helping you conquer those self-doubts that have held you back. Let them assist you in shaping your book so you can witness your words in print sooner than you ever imagined. Embrace this opportunity to transform your dream into a published reality. 

“Working with the Vance Twins is a signature of success. They bring a high level of commitment, integrity, respect, and loyalty to their work. They are fun to work with and they bring joy to any project along with their wealth of expertise. They would be excellent assets to any client or organization they serve.” – Emmanuel M. Nabieu, author of  My Long Journey Back Home.

Did you know that not everyone could get published for hundreds of thousands of years? Today, however, times have changed.

Now You Can!

It’s no longer the past when only the elite few could be published, and if you were not chosen, a ghostwriter could cost between $40,000 and $70,000. 

Give Yourself A Fighting Chance

The twins believe that everyone has a story to tell, and they will ensure that your story gets the attention it deserves and make sure you feel as cared for as the best-selling authors of yesterday. Let the Vance Twins be part of your book-writing team and leave your legacy for your children and future generations. Be the author of a book you will be proud to share.

Unlock Your Writing Potential: The Vance Twins’ Collaborative Writing Journey!

Contact the Vance Twins, who have joined forces and are available to help you start or finish the book of your dreams. They also host special writing sabbaticals where they pamper you in the great Pacific Northwest. 


Double Trouble = Double the Writing Fun! 

Vance Twins' Writing Membership Program

Vance Twins’ Writing Membership Program