The Vance Twins with Valerie Andrews, Ann Fessler, and Peter Dodds at the Origins Canada Conference

The Vance Twins at the Adoption Experience 2012 Toronto, Canada, October 18-20.

Origins Canada Conference: A Resounding Success

Under the dedicated leadership of Valerie Andrews, Executive Director of Origins Canada, the conference brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds who had been touched by adoption in some way. Attendees had the opportunity to share their adoption experiences, renew old friendships, and forge new ones. All participants’ genuine care and empathy fostered an atmosphere of understanding and compassion, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved.

The Origins Canada conference in 2012 provided a significant platform for speakers like Janine Vance, Jenette Vance, and Peter Dodds to share their remarkable adoption stories and insights. Their works continue to raise awareness about the complexities of international adoption, specifically in the context of Korean adoptions. Through their efforts and the Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network, they strive to create a world where adoptees can embrace their heritage, find support, and navigate their adoption journey with truth and transparency. The conference served as a powerful reminder that the bonds created through adoption are profound and enduring, shaping the lives of adoptees and their families in extraordinary ways.

Ann Fessler

“A Girl Like Her”

Ann showed her award-winning film “A Girl Like Her” and took questions afterward.
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Peter Dodds

“International Adoption”

Peter exposed the truth about international adoption and related those facts to his personal experience as an adopted person from Germany into the USA.

Peter’s PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here:

Read Peter’s book Outer Search Inner Journey.

Mari Steed

”Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries”
The daughter of a Magdalen Laundry survivor adopted into the USA, Mari educated the group about Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries and the fight to restore justice to the women who suffered in these institutions.

See Justice for Magdalens

See Book: Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries and the Nation’s Architecture of Containment

Barbara Estabrooks

”Giving Voice”

Workshop participants saw Barbara’s powerful documentary “Birthmothers Never Forget” followed by discussion about the transforming and validating
power of “telling”.

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Karen Balcom/Esther Segal

Montreal Black Market Babies

In this workshop, participants learned about the trafficking of the Montreal Black Market Babies and how the search for their identity has
led to a DNA project.

Karen Balcom is the author of The Traffic in Babies: Cross Border Adoption and Baby Selling between the United States and Canada 1930-1972
Esther Segal and other “Montreal Black Market Babies” shared their stories followed by discussion.

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Valerie Andrews

Sales and Marketing Techniques in Modern Domestic Infant Adoption

This workshop explored coercive tactics used by the modern adoption industry viewed through the perspective of professional marketing and sales strategies and techniques.

The Vance Twins

“Korean Adoption” – The Search for Mother Missing

Jenette and Janine shared their adoption story and their quest to spread awareness about the realities of international adoption through their group, Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network. Participants also learned about the current adoption climate in Korea and the role of adoption agencies like Holt International. At the heart of their story lies the poignant search for their Korean mother, a quest that embodies the emotions and challenges faced by many adoptees. The discussion shed light on the complexities and issues surrounding international adoption, emphasizing the importance of transparency and human rights.

Janette and Janine’s compelling narrative touched the hearts of those present, inspiring a renewed commitment to supporting adoptees and empowering them to explore their roots and heritage. Their journey exemplifies the resilience and strength of individuals navigating the profound impact of adoption, motivating others to join the cause and promoting understanding and compassion within the adoption community.


“The Conference was well attended and by all accounts a great success! The participants shared adoption experiences, renewed and created friendships, and were truly the most caring, sharing group.” – Valerie Andrews, Executive Director, Origins Canada

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The Vance Twins

Janine is a book doctor, feature-length screenwriter, and international award-winning author of many books, including Twins Found in a Box, The Search for Mother Missing, and Rise from the Dread. She also consults entrepreneurs on story development and guides clients through the process of publishing their books worldwide.

Jenette, a Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant and Life Coach, was trained in Integrated Psychology and Applied Neuroscience. Jenette became a Reiki Master under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. She enjoys helping people learn about Reiki and develop personalized meditations catered to their needs. 

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