Vance Twins Red Carpet Author Celebration

Janine's Author Party (Vance Twins Event)

Janine introduces her books at her Red Carpet Author event in Seattle, Washington. Northwest Asian Weekly covers the event hosted by Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington. Would you like help with retelling your story? or did you publish your book, and would you like the Vance Twins to host your author celebration? It is your turn now. 

Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony, Author Janine Vance

How to Publish With The Vance Twins

Janine shares what everyone needs to know about how to write your book with more than 25 years+ of experience in writing and book publishing.  She is an expert in helping busy people like you write your story and showing you how to get worldwide distribution while keeping 100% of your copyrights.  Janine has been the author of numerous books … Read More

Unlock Your Writing Journey with the Vance Twins: Expert Guidance Tailored to You

1:1 Class with Janine Vance

Discover the Path to Your Literary Dreams with the Vance Twins’ Unique Expertise Are you ready to embark on a writing journey that’s tailored to your needs and aspirations? Janine Vance, a seasoned author of nine books and nine best-selling screenplays on Amazon, is here to guide you through the process with her unmatched knowledge and intuition. Your Personalized Writing … Read More

Celebrating 50 Years of Impact: The Vance Twins’ Birthday Bash at the Washington State History Museum

Gluing Broken Pieces with Love and Compassion – the Vance Twins, Co-founders of Adoption Truth and Transparency Honored by Adoption Savvy In a heartwarming celebration of their 50th birthday, Jenette and Janine Vance, the dynamic co-founders of Adoption Truth and Transparency Information Network, were honored at a spectacular event at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, Washington. Surrounded by … Read More

Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium

Symposium Team fun Photo

“I recently attended the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium organized by Jenette and Janine and I thought it was very powerful to hear the different stories, experiences, and perspectives from adoptees (transracial and domestic) as well as birth parents. I think bringing together everyone who is affected by the adoption process was eye-opening and a testament to coming together as a … Read More

A Journey of Connection and Empowerment: The Vance Twins at CUB 2021 Retreat

CUB Annual Retreat 2021 with the Vance Twins

Twins Find Inspiration and Solidarity at Concerned United BirthParents (CUB) Retreat In the heartwarming city of Marina del Rey, California, the Vance Twins attended the Concerned United Birth Parents (CUB) Retreat. This dynamic duo had the privilege of connecting with mothers from across the United States, all dedicated men and women, along with activists and authors advocating for the fundamental … Read More