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Author Janine Myung Ja's presentation

Northwest Asian Weekly Article: Janine Vance searches for the truth about Korean adoptees Imagine for a minute that you don’t know who your mother is. Now imagine that you are that mother, and you don’t know what became of your daughter. Imagine the questions that the daughter would live with on a daily basis. Why did my mom give me … Read More

HuffPost Book Reviews: Adoptionland & Adoption History

Adoptionland: From Orphans and Activists and The "Unknown" Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now

Read the complete HuffPost article: Voices From AdoptionLand. Compiled by Janine and Jenette Vance, AdoptionLand: From Orphans to Activists is an indispensable contribution to adoption literature. The essays, poems, and letters in this compilation reflect the thoughts, feelings, the souls of those who inhabit Adoptionland — a place of truth and acceptance for the casualties of the demand for children.  … Read More

Korean-born twins, known as Janine and Jenette Vance The Korean Times Daily with the Vance Twins

Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS World)| People and Korean News Weekly interview the twins. Janine and Jenette Vance were sent to an American couple in 1972. The twins were told that they had been found in a box on the streets of Seoul, and they believed this tale without question for all their lives. At the age of 35, the Vance … Read More