Learn How to Write Over The Weekend

Welcome to Our Weekend Retreat… Escape to the tranquility of our newly remodeled farmhouse on 13 acres of pristine countryside in Graham, Washington. Picture yourself surrounded by the soothing sounds of a babbling creek in the backyard and the enchanting whispers of an ancient forest just beyond. Inspiration Meets Rejuvenation. Join us for a getaway with a purpose, where creativity … Read More

TwinFest 2023: A Celestial Celebration with NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

NASA Astronaut, Scott Kelly with the Vance Twins at the Washington State Twin Registry TwinFest 2023

Unraveling the Secrets of Space Adaptation with the Vance Twins and the NASA Twin Study TwinFest 2023, a one-of-a-kind gathering celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of twins, witnessed an extraordinary meeting between the Vance Twins and the legendary NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly. This event was nothing short of thrilling as the twins had the opportunity to interact with the spaceman … Read More

Who Are the Vance Twins?

Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption, Author Janine Vance

Jenette and Janine were claimed to have been abandoned on a South Korean street in 1972. They believed this assertion written in their adoption file for over thirty years. The adoption agency alleged they were infants when they were discovered and, consequently, taken to be processed for overseas adoption. A couple from the United States with two young sons adopted … Read More

왜, 어떻게 우리가 사회정의를 외치기 시작했나 – 당신도 할 수 있다. 글쓴이: 밴스 쌍둥이. 전문 기고가.

Jenette and Janine Vance Twins: Writing Sabbaticals & Reiki Retreats for Busy Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

왜, 어떻게 우리가 사회정의를 외치기 시작했나 – 당신도 할 수 있다. 글쓴이: 밴스 쌍둥이. 전문 기고가. 안녕하세요. 이 글은 독자들에게 저와 제 동생이 싸워야 했던 개인적인 도전에 대해 소개하기 위해 쓴 것입니다. 우리 자매는 70년대 한국의 ‘길거리에서’ 미아로 발견됐다고 들었습니다. 입양 기관에서는 ‘고아 증명서’까지 만들어 서류를 첨부했기 때문에 우리는 미국 살던 내내 그것을 사실로 받아들일 수 밖에 없었죠. 다른 많은 … Read More

The Vance Twins Activism Work in South Korea

Vance Twins at KoRoots meeting other Korean Adoptee Activits

“As of this writing, it’s been ten years since my twin sister and I traveled to Seoul, South Korea, for the first time to attend the 2004 Korean Adoptee Conference. Of the more than 160,000 children flown overseas by agency facilitators, 400 of us arrived in our motherland intending to celebrate and contemplate fifty years of intercountry adoption. During this … Read More

Readers’ Favorite Award Ceremony, Author Janine Vance

How to Publish With The Vance Twins

Janine shares what everyone needs to know about how to write your book with more than 25 years+ of experience in writing and book publishing.  She is an expert in helping busy people like you write your story and showing you how to get worldwide distribution while keeping 100% of your copyrights.  Janine has been the author of numerous books … Read More

Uniting Passion and Purpose: The Vance Twins’ Meeting with Lisa Ling

CNN Journalist Lisa Ling talking with the Vance Twins

A Remarkable Encounter of Investigation, Advocacy, and Shared Identity In 2013, amidst the peak of her esteemed career as the host of Our America on the Oprah Winfrey Network, special correspondent of CNN, and former co-host of “The View,” the renowned journalist Lisa Ling graced the stage at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington. Jenette graduated from Green River … Read More

Korean-born twins, known as Janine and Jenette Vance

Vance Twins Rise From The Dread Submission Form

Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS World)| People and Korean News Weekly interview the twins. Representatives of Korean Adoptees Worldwide. Janine과 Jenette Vance는 1972년 미국인 부부에게 보내졌습니다. 쌍둥이는 서울 거리의 상자에서 발견되었다는 말을 듣고 평생 의심의 여지 없이 이 이야기를 믿었습니다. 35세의 나이에 Vance 쌍둥이는 2007년 국제 입양인 모임을 위해 대한민국 서울로 향합니다. 쌍둥이는 이 기회를 이용하여 자신의 기원에 대한 답을 찾기 … Read More