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"It is imperative for us to as a society, if we are concerned with the lives and care of our most vulnerable children, to hear from adults who were adopted. As we continue to import and export children to meet a demand for adoption, it behooves us to ask why many in the adoption community are less than enthralled with a process that was supposed to help them and improve their lives." Mirah Riben, Researching, writing & speaking about the adoption industry since 1979. Author of THE STORK MARKET: America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry & Huffiington Post


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I am a Korean adoptee as well and everyone needs to read this book to help understand international adoption. While the circumstances of our adoptions were different, the feelings were the same. Although I never admitted it before now, adoption has controlled how I behaved in so many circumstances. I will never understand the logic of denying a person food that has spent time in an orphanage. I think many (not all) adopters think that they are saving us and get upset when they discover that is simply not true.


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