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Twins Found in a Box, Adapting to Adoption 
Best Selling book: Twins Found In a Box, Adapting to Adoption and the Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption

First Place Reader’s Favorite: Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption

Who would you honor and obey if your parents disagree? The seemingly idyllic childhood in the early 1980s begins to unravel when the author’s father falls 100 feet while hang-gliding and survives a traumatic brain injury, causing Janine and her twin sister to become full-time caregivers at the age of 12. Janine begins to wonder, “why did the accident happen,” and “who am I,” on top of being asked, “what are you,” and other such questions by school kids. The author is faced with additional surprises that have to do with her mother’s unconventional appearance after death, the interpretation of dreams, and a discussion with the author’s intuition that starts her on a path outside of organized religion. These circumstances force Janine to question the childhood beliefs that have to do with unique yet universal relationships and may make you think twice about who you truly are underneath the layers of society’s preconceived notions. 

The Search for Mother Missing, A Peek Inside International Adoption

REVISED AND UPDATED WITH BONUS CHAPTER!: In this contemporary tale detailing a two-week trip that explores intercountry adoption from South Korea, twin sisters naively travel to their birth city of Seoul in search of their Korean family. Little incidents along the way serve as a catalyst that leads them into a worldwide modern-day adoptee-rights movement seeking truth and transparency. This book intends to inspire and uplift anyone who has been removed from their birth family to know that there is a community of like-minded individuals who’ve experienced the same circumstances.

International multi-award recipient & gold-medalist author Janine Vance, Ph.D., Philosophy.

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Author of numerous books: memoirs, Metaphysics, Eastern Philosophy, & research.

Vance Twins, Executive Contributor of Brainz Magazine, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Janine will teach you about worldwide distribution for your book while you keep 100% of your copyrights. 

  • Mentored by two of Maya Angelou's best friends and advisors to Oprah Winfrey

  • Trained in screenwriting by a former Hollywood screenwriter and a Disney script reader

  • Personally taught the secrets to crafting strong memoir openings from a New York Times bestselling author

  • Served as a ghostwriter for several non-writers

  • Published more than 50 writers to become Amazon Bestsellers in several subcategories

Vance has also written about her childhood experience and numerous books on the topic of adoption based on her advocacy for adopted people worldwide and in the United States.

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