BBC Sounds The Conversation: Interview with Author Janine (Vance Twins)

BBC Sounds: The Coversation: Why was I adopted? Women Looking for Birth Stories. Interview with Janine Vance and Yennifer Villa
BBC Sounds The Conversation Why was I adopted? Women looking for birth stories.

BBC Sounds host Beatriz de la Pava talks to two women born in Colombia and South Korea about trying to fit in and discovering more about their roots, “What’s it like being adopted into a country far away from your birth and into a family that looks very different to you? International and transracial adoptions both come with challenges for adopted people.

Janine Vance was adopted from Seoul by an American couple along with her twin sister when they were six months old. A trip to South Korea in 2004 to an event marking 50 years of intercountry adoption caused her to think more deeply about her heritage. She found out that while most adoptees had been told they were orphans, this wasn’t the case, and parents were looking for them. She’s written several books about adoption and wants to make the process of international adoption more transparent.

Yennifer Dallmann Villa was adopted from Colombia by a German couple when she was two years old. She always had a passion to know more about where she’d come from and as an adult discovered a huge online community of adoptees searching for birth families and origin stories. In her 20s, she went to Colombia to photograph and write about First Mothers looking for children who’d been taken and adopted. She was featured on a TV program there which helped her find her birth family, and is currently living in Colombia.

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Rare Adoption Books for Adults represents a journey of discovery into the land of adoption from orphanhood to growing up adopted in the 1970s through the 1990s, to traveling back to motherland and connecting with other adoptees, to listening to the experiences of adoptees from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe which prompted me to research the history of adoption, its inception, its unethical branches, and even the cult-ure of it in extreme cases, to an alternative look at the practice from an innate human rights point of view, to finally appreciating my motherland and all of its free treasures, to the power of oneness and independence founded on the idea that we can align with the true-self based on whoever we decide that to be as individuals and the collective.  Janine Vance aka Janine Myung Ja  Contact the author directly at

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Vance has also written about her childhood experience and numerous books on the topic of adoption based on her advocacy for adopted people worldwide and in the United States.

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