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The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective

Janine Vance is a philosopher, researcher, author, and playwright. She has been a full-time caregiver since 1984 when her adoptive father survived a traumatic brain injury from a 100-foot hang-gliding fall. Janine has over 20 years of writing experience and more than ten books (a few are Amazon best sellers in the subcategories of women’s history, teen & young adult issues, and adoption) and seven feature-length screenplays to her name. Janine specializes in memoir writing, but can also made books for families, charities, businesses, and institutions. 

Author, Researcher, Publisher, and Professional Bookmaker

Janine loves to help non-writers tap into their intuition and turn their experiences into an inspirational book of their dreams. Somehow Janine has been able to reduce 20 years of writing struggle into an interview with you catered to pull out that book you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know where to begin. Your answers to her questions will access the memoir already bursting at the seams to finally be heard. Completely confidential.

Janine has reduced more than two decades of isolated struggle and research to create a streamline storytelling interview process that you can benefit from. She developed a methodology for writing books that will help you complete your memoir in record speed. In a personalized writing sabbatical, she asks carefully crafted questions which will build your plot, create suspense and meaning with ease, and organize each chapter based on your life events. All the content you need for a memoir. Her questions will quickly help you find the right answers. You can finish your memoir today. No more floundering! Janine shows you how. You reap the rewards. In private sessions you can create a meaningful memoir from the inside out.

Make a little time for yourself and leave your legacy in a physical book, then transform your book into a screenplay if you want. Need a specialty book for a beloved relative, a business, or for your own proud accomplishment? When it comes to memoir writing, Janine is your secret weapon. She knows the right questions to ask to get you to the finish line. You keep the credit & the copyright! Get your book written and get it written now. See your story in print once and for all. 

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The rEvolutionary Orphan Collective represents a journey of discovery into the land of adoption from orphanhood to growing up adopted in the 1970s through the 1990s, to traveling back to motherland and connecting with other adoptees, to listening to the experiences of adoptees from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe which prompted me to research the history of adoption, its inception, its unethical branches, and even the cult-ure of it in extreme cases, to an alternative look at the practice from an innate human rights point of view, to finally appreciating my motherland and all of its free treasures, to the power of oneness and independence founded on the idea that we can align with the true-self based on whoever we decide that to be as individuals and the collective.  Janine Vance aka Janine Myung Ja  Contact the author at

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