A Journey of Connection and Empowerment: The Vance Twins at CUB 2021 Retreat

CUB Annual Retreat 2021 with the Vance Twins

Twins Find Inspiration and Solidarity at Concerned United BirthParents (CUB) Retreat

In the heartwarming city of Marina del Rey, California, the Vance Twins attended the Concerned United Birth Parents (CUB) Retreat. This dynamic duo had the privilege of connecting with mothers from across the United States, all dedicated men and women, along with activists and authors advocating for the fundamental right to maintain relationships with their children.

Bridging Voices and Sharing Stories

Janine Vance, author of the compelling narratives Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption and Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption, and part of the Retreat’s author panel, captivated the retreat attendees with her poignant story, masterfully interwoven with humor. Her engaging and relatable storytelling left the audience in splits, underscoring the significance of embracing one’s story as a means of connection. Janine’s ability to deliver her experiences in a light-hearted manner fostered a sense of unity among attendees, proving that sharing the difficult parts of the journey can be an empowering act.

CUB Annual Retreat 2021 with the Vance Twins

CUB Annual Retreat 2021 with the Vance Twins

The Vance Twins, undoubtedly inspired by Janine’s candidness, found themselves immersed in a sea of passionate individuals who appeared genuinely interested as Janine raised awareness about human rights and the profound need for open communication between parents separated by adoption and adopted people.

A Meeting of Minds and Hearts with the Vance Twins

The retreat’s significance further blossomed as the twins crossed paths with Brian Stanton, a versatile screenwriter, and actor celebrated for his work in the heartwarming film At Ghost Kingdom. Brian’s film resonates deeply with his personal journey of discovering his father, capturing the essence of the emotional roller coaster that adoptees often traverse. Meeting a kindred spirit like Brian was a testament to the retreat’s purpose: creating a space for shared experiences and mutual support.

Discovering Resilience: Bonding with Mothers of Loss at CUB

Amidst the vibrancy of the CUB 2021 Retreat, the Vance Twins found solace and inspiration in the presence of remarkable mothers who navigated the intricate path of adoption loss, rising above challenges. Meeting strong-willed individuals like Leslie Mackinnon, Marina Tunes-Nichols, Amy Barker D’Alessandro, and Renee Gelin, each with their stories of triumph over adversity, left an indelible mark on the twins. Little did they know, these extraordinary women would later collaborate with the Vance Twins, along with Jennifer Joy Phoenix and Lisa Scott, to spearhead the impactful Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium, a testament to the power of unity within the adoption community.

From Retreat to Podcast: Sharing Inspiring Stories

An extraordinary highlight of the twins’ journey was their appearance on the National Association of Adoptees & Parents (NAAP) podcast #AdoptionHappyHour. The podcast’s hosts recognized the profound impact of the Vance Twins’ journey within the adoptee community and extended an invitation to share their story with a broader audience. Through their articulate and heartfelt narration, the twins showcased the power of solidarity within the adoptee community, inspiring countless others to embrace their own stories.

The Vance Twins Believe in Empowerment Through Connection

The Vance Twins’ attendance at the CUB 2021 Retreat showcased the beauty of unity among mothers, adoptees, and families separated by adoption. The retreat served as a melting pot of emotions, experiences, and stories, each contributing to the mosaic of understanding that forms within the adoptee community. Janine Vance’s humorous narrative, the connection with many of the inspiring members, and the impactful appearance on Adoption Happy Hour culminated in a journey of empowerment that resonates far beyond the retreat’s walls.

As the Vance Twins continue to stand as beacons of hope, their presence at the retreat serves as a reminder that every story has the power to transform lives, bridge gaps, and foster empathy. The CUB Retreat of 2021 will forever be etched in memory as a pivotal moment where the Vance Twins, alongside fellow men and women, some of which are activists and authors, contributed to the ongoing narrative of adopted people & birthparents-led empowerment and unity.