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  • Write-for-Your-Life Coaching: We offer therapeutic writing for busy people.

    The Vance Twins have combined forces to help you finish the memoir you've always wanted to write but never had time to start (or finish).

Enjoy your therapeutic get-a-away so you can finally make your dream come truePersonal and Private Writing Retreats

We guide you through the process of memoir writing in a private retreat personalized just for you. We teach you therapeutic writing techniques so you can relax and learn the most valuable part of your memoir and how to share it. You won't waste time flailing around for years wondering if you are doing things right. You always retain 100% of your copyright ownership.

Meet your personal book doctor Need a Make-Over or a Serious Face-lift?

Do you already have a published book that needs to be updated and polished with a new cover design? Maybe you'd like to be able to publish your book again, but this time retain 100% of your copyright ownership. If you're interested in refreshing or finishing your book, send us a message at info@vancetwins.com

A customized and individualized writing care plan Private Writing Program

Award-winning author Janine understands every single step in the writing process. She is an expert and makes writing about tough subjects easy.  Don't waste 25+ years trying to figure out how to publish your story.

Finished Your Life-Long dream or Long-Term Goal Celebrate with a Customized Author Party!

We love to spoil fellow authors. Let us plan your party because your story matters!

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The Vance Twins help you cope with the emotional side of writing your story.

Relaxing Gentle.

The Vance Twins provides incredible wisdom, a relaxing approach, and deep understanding. Life-changing and completely confidential.

Private Intuitive.

Using intuition and storytelling training, specific step-by-step formula designed to move the story from your heart (and head) to the page quickly and easily.


Treat yourself. The Vance Twins created your own personal writing retreat designed for self-reflection and rejuvenation. Let's hit the reset button together!

transformative Healing.

Connect through stories and heal through connection. Give yourself a writing chance. Your story matters.

You Matter.

The Vance Twins will help you write your inspirational memoir.

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Your Personal Book Doctor | Mini-Writing Sabbaticals Rev. Janine Vance, Ph.D. Philosophy, Award Winning International Author and Publisher Since 2003.

Your Personal Wellness Coach | Meditation Retreats Jenette Vance, 27+ years working in the healthcare industry which includes Activity and Rehab Director.

Feel the Urge to Write? Write-for-Your-Life Retreat

"I give you professional advice on where to go from where you are at so you don't waste your time wandering around in circles. Get concrete answers to all your questions before you start your writing journey."

Author, Rev. Dr. Janine Vance

Discover Grand, new insights for your book.

The twins help busy people like you write your story & show you how to get worldwide distribution while keeping 100% of your copyrights. 
"They bring a high level of commitment, integrity, respect, and loyalty to their work. They are fun to work with and they bring joy to any project along with their wealth of expertise. They would be excellent assets to any client or organization they serve." -- Nabs

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