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wow…just wow!

I live in adoption land and this book was absolutely and utterly eye-opening. It is amazing to know that there are others who have asked the same questions I have.

This is a beautiful, honest collection of true stories

This is a beautiful, honest collection of true stories by those who have experienced relinquishment and adoption from the beginning of their lives. I appreciate the openness and integrity presented in these words. Broke my heart, opened my eyes, and made me think deeply.

a must read

Fantastic compilation of voices that need to be heard. Adoption is not what we think it is in America, or throughout the world. A must read!

An emotional page turner

This book is emotionally hard to read, and consequently, I couldn’t put it down. Yes, some pieces were more compelling than others, but overall, it’s a beautiful, sad crash course.

The most Important book in this Century

Let us do as the Nature Intended in the first place. Let us call for Family Preservation, let us put demands onto the child protective services all around the world. It must be upgraded and let us bring back Guardianship where It is needed for the Future. —Khara Niné

Excellent & Informative

Well edited in an engaging style that keeps you turning the pages to get to the next story.

Insightful and intelligent from all points of views!

If you only want to read one book about inter country adoption read this one!


The world at large should listen and draw conclusions. We cannot undo mistakes happened in the past, but we can make sure that such mistakes will not happen again.

Fantastic Read

…So many of the authors capture ever so poignantly the feelings I felt while I was growing up and the feelings that I still have today….

I highly recommend this book!

Here you will find some of the real life experiences of the most important voices in adoption…that of the adopted person

Anthology Extraordinaire

To read the stories of so many people, each from a different point of view, was very powerful. Common themes run through too. This book is especially relevant for anyone who has been adopted, knows someone who has been adopted, has thought about adopting, or just is interested in understanding people who have been through a non-traditional experience. Yes, some of this is painful, but it is important and thought-provoking.

Let the Truth be told and let hearts be opened

Here you can read some stories and you will need a napkin, and I pray the world will open Its eyes for the Truth out there.

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