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Get a head start from here: Going Back to Zen was written for individuals brought up in a civilized society yet found it cold, harsh, and abrupt, and would rather gather wealth from nature—free stuff that makes life a little bit easier because nature is healing and can make all the difference in the world.


Using intuition and storytelling training, Janine Vance shares with you a specific step-by-step formula designed to move the story from your heart (and head) to the page, quick and easy. Completely confidential. You keep the copyright.


Let’s go on a short break away from it all. Why not use alone time for private time, self-reflection and rejuvenation? Let’s hit the reset button together!


Make a little time for The Power of Isolation and utilize silence. Through practice, self-awareness increases. Silence can work in mysterious ways—if we allow it to. Give it a chance. Silence really is golden!


    Give Yourself a Writing Chance

Interior Formatting & Cover Design:

Have you already started a book but not sure how to finish it? Or maybe you already have a book that needs to be updated and polished with a new cover design. Maybe you’d like to be able to published your book again, but this time retain 100% of your copyright ownership. Janine has researched, authored and designed several books. Some of Janine’s projects have attained best-seller ranking on Amazon in several subcategories. If you’re interested in refreshing or finishing your book, send janine a message at contact@janinevance.com. She can finish the project for you so you can rest easy and do the things you enjoy.

Learn how to decrease stress, worry, and manage anxiety
Writing Sabbaticals

Does your life need a boost? Always wanted to share your story, but don’t have the time to finish your book? Or maybe you’re not sure what’s the most important part of your life story. We offer therapeutic writing for non-writers. We guide you through the process of memoir writing in a private sabbatical personalized just for you. We teach you therapeutic writing techniques so you can relax and learn the most valuable part of your memoir and how to share it. This way you don’t waste time flailing around for years wondering if you should share this or that. You write with purpose and quickly finish the book of your dreams. After your sabbatical, we offer bookmaking services if you would like to publish your book. Share it with family, friends, the public, or you can keep it private for yourself. You always retain 100% of your copyright ownership.

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Give Yourself a Writing Chance.

Your perspective is one of a kind and the reason Janine offers personalized guided one-on-one writing sessions for individuals who want to finally start (or finish) their memoir.

Sometimes writing memoir requires a lifestyle change. Rise From the Dread by Janine Vance is just a little philosophy to escape stress, worry, and anxiety, especially in today’s Covid-Culture.


Need to “stay calm and carry on” in today’s harsh landscape which seems so divided on various levels?

Tired of the Coronavirus? Rise From the Dread was written for individuals brought up in a civilized society yet found it cold, harsh, and abrupt, and would rather gather wealth from nature—free stuff that makes life a little bit easier because nature is healing and can make all the difference in the world. A tiny shift in perspective can change everything.

If you ever find yourself facing challenging circumstances and looking for an complementary perspective, I write this to humbly share a tidbit of encouragement. Feel free to take whatever resonates with you and discard the rest.

As someone who has spent the past twenty years following my curiosity, researching and writing on a topic that has caused turmoil, the content of this book represents my source of inspiration, which fueled my ability to keep going and helped me find peace while writing.

“We all need a little quiet time! Feel isolated or alone? I like to use this time for my advantage.” ~ Janine Vance


Find Infinite with knowledge with this book:
The Power of Isolation.

The Power of Isolation

Sometimes we end up ignored and isolated through no fault of our own. Sometimes we are forced into loneliness, and before we know what has happened, we are facing the world without friends or confidants. Feelings of what seems like permanent separation can be heartbreaking—especially when we see what seems like everyone else enjoying each other’s company, being “liked,” and “liking” others all around us. We might wonder, Why don’t they like me? This is the human experience and it’s best to prepare ourselves with various coping strategies.

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Explore Your Life from the Inside Out.

"We have reached an age in humanity when it is acceptable to align the ego with the greater self!"

Janine Vance

Grand, new insights from meditation.

Ever feel disconnected from the great majority? The Power of Isolation: Silence is Golden is a short beginner’s guide to meditation and dedicated to anyone trying to survive and thrive. If you have ever felt excluded, this book serves as a reminder: you are universally linked to the greater good of humanity!

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About Janine Vance Ph.D. Philosophy, specializing in Conscious-Centered Living.

“Gentle Wisdom for the Heart, Mind, and Soul”

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Do you feel the urge to write?   

Do you want to leave a written legacy for future generations?

Don’t know where to start? Stuck somewhere in the middle? Want a second opinion on something that’s already written? Or need to polish a draft?

Your perspective is one of a kind and the reason Janine offers personalized guided one-on-one writing sessions for individuals who want to finally start (or finish) their memoir.

“This book came into my life at the perfect time. I recently went through a divorce and I am trying to rediscover who I am. I enjoyed the book and I’m going to take my time when I read through it a second time. Thank you for this book.

~Amazon Reviewer

  • Acknowledged by two of Maya Angelou’s best friends and advisors to Oprah Winfrey
  • Trained in screenwriting by a former Hollywood screenwriter and a Disney script reader
  • Personally taught the secrets to craft strong memoir openings from a New York Times bestselling author
  • Served as a ghostwriter for several non-writers
  • Published more than 50 writers to become Amazon Bestsellers in several subcategories
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What People Are Saying:

Rise From the Dread by Janine Vance is a wonderful book filled with all sorts of self-help information. The book is simple to understand and reference back to as each chapter focuses on a different topic, so no searching through an entire book to find that one thing you want to read again. Rise From the Dread contains information on things like breathing, cleansing teas, nutrition (but not detailed diets), philosophy, thinking techniques, mindfulness, etc. It really pulls a number of different self-help philosophies and techniques into a nice concise and easily accessible and understandable book. I would highly recommend Rise From the Dread if you want a book that you can reach for when you need a boost or reminder that life is not as back as you might think sometimes. You just need to stop and smell the roses deeply with a hot cup of ginger or ginseng tea in your hands.

“I was enthralled from the opening pages…”

Americanized '72

“Janine’s story is a deeply revealing look at the innermost thoughts of a younger Janine as her life was beset by tragedy and she was forced to question her most firmly held beliefs. It was both entertaining and enlightening in a way I would have never imagined. I could not help but feel her pain, her love and the profound ironies she encountered.” –Kelly Creso

The Search for Mother Missing

“A gripping memoir of adoption and two sisters’ search for their roots…. Janine Vance explores the implications of international adoption in writing that is clear and insightful, allowing readers to understand the journey from the perspective of the adoptees while exploring issues of the rights of the adoptees and how those rights can be abused.” – Christian Sia

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